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So a girl tried to start conversation with me while waiting in line in the dining hall. She was talking pretty fast and I was feeling shitty so when she finished saying whatever, I said, “I didn’t hear you,” in a monotone voice.

"Ah, yeah, I’m so good at the whole social interaction thing today." *nervous laughter*

"Oh, heh." And I picked up my chicken strips and left.


Lookin at the new ad for the 3DS faceplates like 


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The biggest crime of the new Smash is that the Omega variant of Final Destination isn’t this.


The biggest crime of the new Smash is that the Omega variant of Final Destination isn’t this.

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I feel so worthless.

I’m so done. Jesus take the wheeeeellllll

Professor thinks I cheated because I happened to make the same small mistake as my friend…

This would go down in the history books.


Saturday morning Japan’s Mount Ontake erupted unexpectedly, sending a pyroclastic flow streaming down the mountain. Many, though sadly not all, of the volcano’s hikers and visitors survived the eruption. Pyroclastic flows are fast-moving turbulent and often super-heated clouds filled with ash and poisonous gases. They can reach speeds of 700 kph and temperatures of 1000 degrees C. The usual gases released in a pyroclastic flow are denser than air, causing the cloud to remain near the ground. This is problematic for those trying to escape because the poisonous gases can fill the same low-lying areas in which survivors shelter. Heavy ashfall from the flow can destroy buildings or cause mudslides, and the fine volcanic glass particles in the ash are dangerous to inhale. The sheer power and scale of these geophysical flows is stunning to behold. Those who have witnessed it firsthand and survived are incredibly fortunate. For more on the science and history of Mount Ontake, see this detailed write-up at io9. (Image credits: A. Shimbun, source video; K. Terutoshi, source video; via io9)

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